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Prepping for a Karaoke

with friends?

ISEE Karaoke is a karaoke box, that is easy to use & has a huge music library

for any taste! Follow our three-step guide and get singing!


1. Purchase ISEE Karaoke

Get your ISEE Karaoke Standalone Box and Unbox it now.

If you've got Sound System for Karaoke, it's even easier! Just simply connect the ISEE Karaoke Box directly to your Sound System and in just a few steps, you're singing!

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2. Before starting the Party,

Connect your ISEE Karaoke Standalone Box to any projector or TV via an HDMI cable,

for the complete karaoke experience. Good times guaranteed!

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3. Let's get the party started!

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Use your Smartphone to control ISEE Karaoke

Connect any smart device with our remote feature and you can add songs, change key and control ISEE Karaoke. No need to install anything, just connect via a QR code or a URL link and you and your guests can start singing!

1-Year Free Cloud Access Subscription

All users that purchased ISEE Karaoke will get a 1-Year Free Trial subscription and can enjoy access to thousands of the latest hits and your favourite jams to get the party started! You'll find exactly what you and your friends are looking for!

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