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What is ISEE Karaoke App

The ISEE Karaoke App allows your Android Tablet / iPad device to be used as a remote control for your ISEE Karaoke. Connect with multiple devices at the same time where everyone can add their favourite songs to the play queue without interruption. Download at: Other than using the remote tablet app that is designed for optimised experience, you can also scan the QR code with your smartphone on tv and turn your mobile device into a remote to navigate through our music library and queue songs.

How to pair ISEE Karaoke App with ISEE Karaoke device

Learn how to pair ISEE Karaoke app on your Android tablet / iPad with ISEE Karaoke device. Download the ISEE Karaoke app Head on to Google Play Store on Android Tablet or Apple App Store on iPad and search for ISEE Karaoke. Alternatively, click on the buttons below to be redirected automatically. Requirements before you begin Make sure that both your Android Tablet / iPad and your ISEE Karaoke device are: 1. Connected to the Internet. Both your Android Tablet / iPad and ISEE Karaoke device are needed to be in the same network, also make sure that both have access to the internet. 2. Updated to the Latest App Version. In order to pair successfully, make sure your both ISEE Karaoke device app version is updated to at least version 125 and the ISEE Karaoke app version on your Android Tablet / iPad is updated to at least version 1.4.8. If one of the device is not updated to those minimum version then the pairing will not working properly. Please note that 2 requirements above are mandatory. Pairing ISEE Karaoke app with the ISEE Karaoke device 1. Open ISEE Karaoke app on your Android Tablet / iPad. 2. On the Home screen, Tap the 'menu' bar on the left of the screen 3. Tap the "Connect" button 4. Fill the IP address that is shown on the middle-right of the TV screen 5. That's it! You are now paired and able to control your ISEE Karaoke device with your Android Tablet / iPad. Once you are paired, you will see the "Connect" button turn to "Connected". Notes: Once it's paired, it will be paired permanently with the ISEE Karaoke device unless you intentionally unpair it or the IP Address changed, due to network issue.

ISEE Karaoke App does not work

First, try the following:
1. Ensure that both the ISEE Karaoke device and your Android Tablet / iPad are connected to the same WiFi network. 2. Restart your ISEE Karaoke device, ensure it is connected to the internet. QR-Code and IP Address will appear on the middle right of the TV screen, if the device is connected to the internet. 3. Turn on the physical remote for ISEE Karaoke device, and press mouse right-click for five times to enter Settings on the TV screen. Then select “Wireless Network”, select your wifi network, press “forget”, then re-enter your wifi password and click “connect”. Press the “Finished” button to return to the system on the TV screen. 4. Reconnect your Android Tablet / iPad to the same WiFi-network as your ISEE Karaoke device. 5. Force-quit the Tablet App, re-input a new IP address that is shown on the middle right of the TV screen. *Ensure that port 8080 is not restricted on your network, or connect to a different network.* *Ensure both ISEE Karaoke and Tablet are on the same subnet.* If the issue persists, send us an email at hello@iseekaraoke.com detailing the problem. We will reply to your enquiry the following day between 10am - 6:30pm (UTC+8).