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How do I redeem my 1-Year free trial subscription?

There is no need to redeem the trial subscription by yourself, we already handled it for you. Your 1-Year free trial begins from the date of purchase for ISEE Karaoke, expiring date is shown on your invoice and account's subscription page (link). After the free trial, you can renew your subscription by selecting a paid plan by clicking this ( link). If you don't select a paid plan at the end of your free trial, then your access to our cloud will be paused and you will not be able to get new updates and download songs from our cloud until you choose a paid plan. Please note that you won't lose any of the song you downloaded on your ISEE Karaoke device.

Why do I need to get a Subscription?

By default all users that purchased ISEE Karaoke will get a 1-Year free trial subscription and can enjoy access to all the songs from our cloud library. However, you won't be able to access to our cloud to get new updates and songs, after the trial expired. You have to select a paid plan by clicking this (link), in order to resume your access to our cloud library. Our content is licensed from Phonographic Performance (South East Asia), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited (“IFPIHKG”) for Home-Use and Non-Public Broadcasting only. These company represent the content produced by the record companies and artists regarding to this ( link). ISEE Karaoke's subscription plans goes towards supporting the artists that produced these content. For more information on paid plans or to subscribe, go to https://www.iseekaraoke.com/subscription (Please note that only customer who purchased ISEE Karaoke be able to access the subscription page.)

How to get a Subscription for ISEE Karaoke?

Step 1 Go to www.iseekaraoke.com/subscription. Step 2 Sign in to your account. Step 3 Choose the plan that suits you ( Party Pass (1 Year) or Monthly Subscription or Life-Time Pass ) and click the "Select" button. Step 4 Click "Buy Now" and Login into your Paypal Account / Create a new account. Then finish the payment in Paypal. Step 5 That's it! Your subscription is now all set, and you device will be activated in 1 working day. Enjoy unlimited access to our cloud library!

I have multiple users using the ISEE Karaoke. Do all of them have to subscribed to a paid plan to enjoy unlimited cloud access?

Nope, as long as the ISEE Karaoke device is activated in using an account with a paid plan or a trial plan, other users can still pair their mobile / tablet devices and still enjoy unlimited cloud access from the ISEE Karaoke device.

My ISEE Karaoke device is still can not access to the cloud library after I subscribed to a paid plan.

You device will be activated in 1 working day, after you subscribed to a paid plan. So please be patient and wait for it be activated. And enjoy unlimited access to our cloud library! If the issue persists, send us an email at hello@iseekaraoke.com detailing the problem. We will reply to your enquiry the following day between 10am - 6:30pm (UTC+8).

How to cancel subscription?

Important: You will not be refunded after canceling Step 1 Log in into your account and click "My Subscriptions" or clicking this (link) . Step 2 Click your subscription plan and click "Cancel Subscription". Step 3 Click "Yes, Cancel" to proceed. Important: 1. Upon cancellation, your subscription will still remain active for the duration that you have already paid for. your device will be deactivated from accessing to our cloud library after the duration has ended. 2. Life-Time Pass subscription is non-cancelable and non-refundable.