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Touchscreen Monitor

What is the Touchscreen Monitor for?

In addition to App Remote and Web Remote, ISEE Karaoke System also supports control via our Touchscreen Monitor, which is a control interface that directly outputs from the VGA and USB/COM2 port of the ISEE Karaoke device. It can be used without internet & multiple remote devices via App Remote / Web Remote at the same time.

Can you control ISEE Karaoke without the Touchscreen Monitor?

Yes, user can control the ISEE Karaoke device without the Touchscreen Monitor, by using App Remote or Web Remote Download our new tablet karaoke app or simply scan the QR code with your smartphone on the TV screen and turn your mobile device into a remote. Connect as many devices to ISEE Karaoke as you need. We can handle it. Download at:

User Manual

Download at: www.iseekaraoke.com/alksndknasdasd