15 Best Duet Songs - The Ultimate List of Duets for Karaoke

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Singing together is always the ultimate idea of karaoke; it is also the key ingredient of sublimating any karaoke party and setting them on fire. While duet songs at a party could bring people together, a good karaoke duet sung with perfect harmony is definitely the “cherry on top”, indispensable yet indefensible. It’s all about working together with your singing partners and synchronization. Duet singing is great fun and definitely a way for you to develop a stronger bond with the people around you. It is also a way of getting the singing vibes going for shy singers, like the one who has a hard time singing solo, the harmonizers, the couples-in-love, the old friends with their nostalgic "this is our song" -song, the party animals who wanna share the joy and chill... you know. Duets are for all of us!