20 Karaoke Songs that Every 80s/90s Kids Grew Up With

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The 1990s was a blissful bygone era. Not only did it invent Nokia, frosted tips, Super Nintendo and other more, but also some insanely amazing music. The 90s was definitely the prime of the music industry; it was also a great and proud time to be a die-heart music fan, as most of the legendary masterpieces in different music genres came from the 90s, from the upbeat rap songs to different catchy yet memorable pop choruses, as well as the countless angsty hard-core rock anthems. Our team has been on a wild goose chase, narrowing down the best of the best among the numerous 90s hits. We still tried, and the following is a roundup of the 20 greatest songs that our team believes that every 80s/90s kid would know by heart.

1. "…Baby One More Time" - Britney Spears (1998)