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Professional Karaoke at Home

Wireless microphones are included with the Knight Series Home Theatre System 5.1 CH, users no longer need to worry about purchasing additional microphone system and extra equipment connection.


Together with Supermaster karaoke system, it makes everything more enjoyable and comprehensive. You can experience the same level of professional karaoke effect at home, and enjoy the outstanding vocal and bass performance, the ultimate experience of immersive.



Cinema Enjoyment

With powerful Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio technology and processing, users can clearly perceive the lossless sound from different positions, making each sound detail, accurate and not distorted. Users can now enjoy enjoy a cinematic viewing experience as cinema.



Simply Enjoy Music by Bluetooth

Letting you play your favourite tunes with our Bluetooth feature directly from your phone or other devices in seconds without the restriction of a cable, making the connection easy than ever.

Good times need good tunes, and keep up with your busy life and engineered to make your music sound amazing at different moments at home by using the Bluetooth feature.



Wireless Surround Speaker System

The surround back speakers connect with the audio host, without the restriction of wires connection.

Once connected, you will have a premium acoustic setup to complement the powerful performance of the theatre system, leading to a thrilling, cinema-like experience.


Download Spec Sheet

PARTYHOUSE Knight Series 5.1.2CH

PriceFrom $2,300.00
  • AVK-4050 Decoding Amplifier Features:

    1. Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master Audio authorized decoding technology
    2. Supports Wireless Surround Back Speaker expansion
    3. HDCP 2.2 high-bandwidth digital content protection technology
    4. Supports Bluetooth and USB audio playback
    5. 4K60P, HDMI2.0 (3in1out), Doubled Transmission Quality than Ordinary 4K
    6. HDMI with OSD Extension Function, user operation menu directly on-screen display
    7. ARC Audio Signal Return Function
    8. Six Built-in Scene Modes to choose from (Karaoke, Movie, Music, Conference, TV and Custom Mode)
    9. Integrated Wireless Microphone


    AVK-065PC Subwoofer Feature:

    360° Inverted Design,Stronger Power

    After careful design of the volume of the sound
    chamber and the small and small sound hole and position, the woofer sinks pure and powerful, re-sulting in excellent dive ability and extension effect, making the bass more mellow.


    AVK-025F/C Loudspeaker Features:

    1. Stylish and streamlined appearance, easy to integrate into various types of home design, enhance the sense of living room design
    2. Made of aviation material, with the curved surface speaker net cover design
    3. Small size, which is easy to install, simple to connect and convenient to operate


    AVK-815 Wireless Microphone Features:

    1. 1. Rechargeable wireless microphone;
    2. U-Segment Analog High-Fidelity Audio Transmission, two modes of module frequency selection and independent frequency selection
    3. High Transmission Power to achieve long-distance transmission and high-quality factor transmission bandwidth. Also, it eliminates cross frequency, cut-off frequency and anti-interference
    4. Single-Chip Digital Control Technology, Hi-End level DAC, which can produce overtone and accurate tones and details


    AVK-WT01 Wireless Receiver Features:

    1. 5.8GHz/5.2GHz Smart Switch Wireless Back-Surround System, with multiple channels, high frequency and strong anti-interference abilities
    2. Auto Power Protection to prevent machine being short circuit, overload, over-temperature, DC, startup delay etc
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