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ALL IN ONE: Speaker, Mixer, Amplifier &  Two Wireless Microphones


Have you ever experienced all kinds of situations when using traditional speakers to sing at home?
1. Different Speaker Tuning Settings, make it difficult to Sing.
2. You need to purchase additional equipment to support the karaoke function.
3. Spending so much time looking at different interfaces and connections?
3. Worry about the speaker unit to have Irreversible damage, caused by singing karaoke?

 Leave these annoying problems behind and only need a solution.


JBL CINEMA KTV350 Soundbar is specially designed for people who love singing Karaoke. It consists of a Soundbar equipped with a Wireless Subwoofer and has 4 specially Customized High-Sensitivity 2-inch Mid-to High-Frequency Speakers with 2 Mylar Tweeters. JBL CINEMA KTV350 produce a clear and balanced sound for Karaoke and you can enjoy the ultimate experience of immersive when watching movies.


In terms of sound processing, JBL CINEMA KTV350 has a built-in digital DSP processing chip and uses a total output power of 220W. At the same time, three sound effects of MOVIE/MUSIC/NEW and karaoke mode sound effects are preset to meet various needs in daily life in JBL CINEMA KTV350. Reverb, echo, volume ratio and many other adjustable parameters also ensure better sound performance in various scenarios.


JBL CINEMA KTV350 Soundbar can be connected via Bluetooth wireless connection or TV connection. You can switch to karaoke mode immediately with one tap, using the included two wireless microphones. So just sing as much as you want at home.

JBL CINEMA KTV350 Soundbar

  • Product Specifications:
    Power Supply: AC220V~,~50Hz
    Output Power: 50W x 2+120W
    Tweeter: 38.1mm (1.5") x 2
    Mid-range Speaker: 50.8mm (2.0") x 4
    Woofer: 165.1mm (6.5") x 1
    Frequency Response: 40Hz~20KHz
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 980x90x65 (mm) / 38.6"x3.5"x2.6" (Soundbar) 150x311x412 (mm) / 5.9"x12.2"x16. 2" (Subwoofer)
    Weight: 2.2kg/4.84lb (Soundbar) 5.6kg/12.3lb (Subwoofer)

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