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ALL IN ONE: Speaker, Mixer, Amplifier &  Two Wireless Mic

  • 14 sounding units

  • 270-degree sound field

  • DSP reverb

  • ARC audio return function


What smart home entertainment system is, speakers, amplifiers, mixer and wireless microphones all in one, no longer need to worry about equipment connection and space for placement.


Traditional karaoke audio equipment take up a lot of space, there is a bunch of complicated cables and difficult to organize the thread. PARTYHOUSE Soundbar 2.1 can save you more space, solve cumbersome device connections, and solve all audio settings in one go.


    Enjoy Karaoke at Home Easily

    Together with our karaoke system, connect to any smart phones or tablets to sing any songs you like. Enjoy karaoke anytime anywhere.


    Cinema Enjoyment

    You can also experience the same cinema audio effect at home, hear the mountains and lakes, feel the bullets and rain, enjoy the ultimate experience of immersive!


    High Fidelity Restores Sound Details

    The high-pitched unit of PARTYHOUSE Soundbar 2.1 uses a HIFI-grade titanium dome, which has a high resolution and a detailed reduction.

    1. 1. 14 Sounding Units
    2. 270°Arc Surface Sound Field

    3. 4K HDMI Port


    8" Super Bass Subwoofer

    360°Inverted Design, Strong Power

    After careful design of the volume of the sound chamber and the small and small sound hole and position, the woofer sinks pure and powerful, resulting in excellent dive ability and extension effect, making the bass more mellow.


    Simple Modern Appearance

    The simple appearance of PARTYHOUSE Soundbar 2.1 not only fits perfectly into most modern homes, but also uses high-quality paint to keep it stain-resistant and easy to clean.

    1. High Specification Acoustic Design
    2. All Wood Shell Design
    3. All-in-one Integration


    Other Features​​​​​​​:

    • Mic Input x2
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Output
    • DSP Mixing
    • ARC Audio Return Function Send
    • 4K Output​
    • Microphone Parameter Adjustment
    • Scoring Output
    • Fiber/Coaxial Output
    • SD Card Player
    • HDMI 2.0 Input x3 & Output x1


    PARTYHOUSE Soundbar 2.1

    • What else can it be connected?

      • Karaoke System
      • Microphone
      • BlueRay Player
      • Apple TV / Chromecast
      • Xbox 360/ Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / PS5/ Switch & Other Video Game Consoles
      • Bluetooth
      • Laptop
      • Mobile Phone / Tablet
      • TV Set Top Box
      • Online Set Top Box
      • SD Card
      • AUX


      Product Specifications

      Soundbar Specifications

      Channel: 2.1 
      Amplifier output power: 150Wx2 + 200Wx1 
      Full frequency unit: 12x2.75" 
      Treble unit: 2x1" 
      Product size (w/h/d): 1210x107x126mm 
      Net weight: 7.9kg

      AVK-08PC Passive Subwoofer Specifications

      Continuous power: 150W 
      Rated impedance: 8Ω 
      Frequency response: 20Hz~220Hz (-1dB) 
      Product size (w/h/d): 303x340x303mm 
      Net weight: 7.6kg

      AVK-810 Microphone Specifications

      Transmit power: 12dBm
      Signal to noise ratio: ≥88dB 
      Effective working range: 50m (no obstruction distance) 
      Receive sensitivity: -91dBm

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