5 Karaoke Myths & Perceptions that Ought to be Cancelled!!

5 Karaoke Myths & Perceptions that Ought to be Cancelled!!

Have you ever had any bad impressions of karaoke? Well, you might be wrong. Having over half a century of splendid history, Karaoke has earned its legacy with different myths and legends. Nevertheless, not all of these myths and legends are solely positive, some of them are rumours and common misconceptions caused by ignorance, making karaoke, an originally neutral entertainment itself, an infamous entertainment. All of these karaoke prejudices, preconceptions and stereotypes are, however, not confirmed by any facts. Therefore, our team has composed the following article to debunk and correct these misconceptions, aiming to restore karaoke’s former glory.


1. Karaoke is not for home

For some, karaoke is purely for clubs and bars. Well, let me tell you, hundreds of thousands of people owning a home karaoke system would definitely argue with that statement. Karaoke is so popular that tons of home technology manufacturers have been working so hard over the past few decades to incorporate this feature into home cinemas, players and smart TVs. In fact, karaoke has permanently become an indispensable part of the home and family recreation in the homes of Filipinos, Japanese, Americans etc., since the first Laser Karaoke home player released in the 80s. It is so popular that you can basically sing anywhere you want in some countries, where karaoke can be found on taxis, yachts, or even shopping malls. You can also easily find different portable karaoke machines online. Therefore, people need to delete the misconceptions that karaoke is not for home. There is no space limit for karaoke, and especially nowadays, karaoke can perfectly fit the apartments. It would be more accurate to say that karaoke is slowly becoming a “necessity” for daily life.es


2. Karaoke is Marginal Entertainment only for Adult

Many may consider karaoke as a marginalised entertainment due to the limited venue and target customers. Especially in the 90s, people’s impression of karaoke would probably be noisy and drunk voices shouting from every roadside bar. In fact, karaoke was usually seen as nighttime entertainment for grown-ups after work. For some, the feature of karaoke might be marginalised as the industry is not as clean and pure as it firstly established, in which karaoke is easily related to alcohol or bars. Frankly speaking, these karaoke features probably still exist somewhere nowadays, but they don’t necessarily represent nor characterise its true leisure format appropriately. In other words, It all depends on users’ purpose and how they sing karaoke.

Nevertheless, the tables have been turned in recent years. The karaoke industry has rapidly developed, in which people even started to bring karaoke home. Nowadays, it is not hard to find prestigious and expensive karaoke clubs nearby you. Karaoke rooms became the norm for restaurants and nightclubs. Karaoke is no longer only about alcohol, but about the voice, the mood and getting together.


Do you know... Kids can karaoke too!

Stop thinking that karaoke is only for grown-ups! With the correct purpose, karaoke can also be a perfect learning tool or an ideal relaxing platform for children and people of different age groups. Children could even learn to read singing their favourite songs along with the subtitles on the screen! (Check out our blog: The Advantage of Karaoke for Kids for more...)


3. Karaoke is a Useless Activity for Socialising

Another common bias about karaoke is that it is seen as a useless and meaningless activity. In fact, there are countless advantages of karaoke, in which they have been well-studied for so long. They are much more than you could ever imagine, some of them might even surprise you!

Do you know that if one person starts singing karaoke regularly, he/she will tend to have a healthier body than before? Not only can you relieve your stress and get rid of your complexes from karaoke, but you also benefit from a healthier and stronger immune system. According to a study of Environment Research and Public Health published on Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), frequent karaoke training could help improve Frontal Executive Cognitive Skills, Tongue Pressure, and Respiratory Function effectively in Elderly People. It can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease! Therefore, now you know that karaoke is not just a useless activity for socialising; it can be seen as a “nutritional supplement” for your family and yourself!


4. Karaoke is a Talent Show

Some may think that karaoke is only for people who can sing. Of course, having an inborn musical ear or a good tone would definitely be a bonus for singing; even if you don’t, how do you develop it if you don’t sing? Moreover, karaoke is not a talent factory unless we talk about those prestigious karaoke contests that bring professional performers together. Karaoke participants don’t sing for scoring points but because they want to relax, chill and sing. And this is also the ultimate goal of karaoke - To bring people together. Karaoke isn’t exclusively just for those who can sing, but an invitation for anyone and everyone, anywhere. To belt out a recognisable and familiar tune that would be irresistible for the audience to sing along. It can bring people together to appreciate music and creates a joyful and relaxing atmosphere.


A Stepping Stone to Becoming a Better Singer

No one would ever deny any chance of becoming a better singer, would they? Karaoke is a great platform that gives stimulation and motivation to new skills training, among which is not only singing. A better interpretation of the song, proper breathing or a better stage presence can be trained and gained by karaoke experiences. The more you sing, the better you do it, and the better you reveal your talents to your audience. And ISEE Karaoke can help you with that! (Check out our blog: Learning the Song & Sounding Good for more...)

ISEE Karaoke isn’t just a tool for fun and getting people connected. It can also be a personal tool for making covers, practising singing skills, even making yourself an artist.

With approx. 300,000 original MVs and instrumentals, ISEE Karaoke enables you to hear every single detail of the music. Together with JBL CINEMA KTV350 Soundbar that could help you hear and improve the texture of your voice. Making you a professional singer. It is better to try karaoke once if you haven’t yet, and all the myths will be dispelled automatically. Karaoke is an awesome yet useful entertainment making your singing skill improve and getting yourself ready to perform in front of a larger audience.


5. Poor-Quality Soundtracks & Limited Song Choices

I can actually relate to many of you with this one. Sometimes when you hang out at bars for karaoke, the song choices are just so limited, like most of them are songs for your granny’s. And it is such a shame that some of the karaoke bars are still using poor-quality soundtracks or lyric videos instead of UHD original MVs. These unstable sound systems can sometimes be really irritating, such as the fluctuated echos, sound interference or the rubbing distortion sounds produced by poor sound systems. These poor karaoke sets would abrasively damage the microphone, and we do not want these kinds of karaoke nowadays. (Check out our blog: An Innovative Discovery for Home Karaoke Machine - The Antidote to Karaoke Failures for more...)


Time to Make a Fresh Start

ISEE Karaoke was established to blow the dust off all the karaoke failures and give them the long-deserved makeover. ISEE Karaoke allows users to Sing Karaoke in 4K Ultra High Definition with UHD MVs & Quality Instrumental via your TV & Speaker. It shows unprecedented rich details and delivers the Best Viewing and Singing Experience in your home. The cloud song library of ISEE Karaoke is frequently updated with new additions and playlists. They are all immediately available to you, so there’s always new hits for you to try out.

ISEE Karaoke can pair up with an Unlimited Quantity of Mobile Phone / Android Tablet / iPad devices via the Same Internet Network. Users can also send song requests from unlimited users’ smart devices to the queue. Users needn’t fight for song selection anymore! Download all your favourite & latest songs to the ISEE Karaoke Box via our cloud platform, and keep the party going even without the internet!


We hope we’ve opened up new horizons in karaoke for you. After all, it all depends on how you see and sing Karaoke. Since the Outbreak of COVID-19, many of our Daily Routines and Activities have changed. People are paying more attention to sanitation and hygiene, contributing to the fight against the COVID-19. We gradually stayed at home more often and had more home-based activities to help us kill time. Karaoke can easily become one of the necessities in daily life. Now it’s high time to wave goodbye to all the karaoke myths. Let’s give karaoke one more chance with ISEE Karaoke and make a fresh start. (Check out our blog: Introducing ISEE Karaoke - Revolutionizing Home Karaoke for more...)


Let's give karaoke one more chance and make a fresh start! Get Your ISEE Karaoke now!


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