Stuck at home? Let's Sing!

Stuck at home? Let's Sing!

Stuck at home? If only a karaoke machine could help you pass the time, express your mood, distract yourself (maybe your neighbour), and focus on being positive!

What a fun karaoke machine that could be!? It sounds like it is time to take out your ISEE Karaoke!

Get your ISEE Karaoke for your home now, and use your mobile phone or tablet to remote control the machine. “Wa-Lah” the perfect activity for one (two or the entire family) to do, with a guaranteed good tune, laughs, and sweet and melodious voice that probably hasn't had the opportunity to express itself during this hard time of COVID-19.

ISEE Karaoke comes with over 300,000 Studio-Quality Songs, which updates weekly in 14 languages and various playlists. It will definitely surprise you. So sit back and sing. We can handle this!


Mastering of Setup a Home Karaoke System
Introducing ISEE Karaoke - Revolutionizing Home Karaoke



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