Introducing ISEE Karaoke - Revolutionizing Home Karaoke

Introducing ISEE Karaoke - Revolutionizing Home Karaoke

Ever thought of owning a karaoke box? Remember the days when all of your friends had to schedule up a day just for a karaoke date? If you’re a child of the 80s and 90s, karaoke chains are really a common and popular place to hang out for couples and groups. Therefore owning a karaoke system will definitely make you the “toast of the town”.

It’s 2021, and home karaoke has never been so popular. Karaoke still holds its old school charm and remains to be one of the favourite activities for groups. In fact, technology had made it much easier to own a karaoke system. With ISEE Karaoke, you would have access to over a hundred thousands of songs at the touch of the remote on your device. With some easy setups, having a karaoke party at your house would be a piece of cake.


1. Unboxing the Product

Unlike older karaoke systems, ISEE Karaoke does not necessarily come with the tacky touch screen monitor for song selection, and it definitely saves up some space! It also comes with a mini wireless remote control, 2 RCA cable, HDMI and power adapters. Connect ISEE Karaoke to your TV via the included HDMI. Then log on via wireless or wired connection, and you’re good to go. Now wave goodbye to all the bulky outdated karaoke system.


2. Product Preview & Application Features

All-In-One Karaoke Box - Affordable Karaoke Every Day

Holding a karaoke party can be quite pricey in Australia; we have put together some general karaoke pricing lists in Australia (mainly in Sydney) for your reference.


Remote Control Application on Smart Devices

Connect to ISEE Karaoke on your smart device, such as iPhone, Android etc., by scanning the QR code on the screen. They immediately serve as a wireless remote control for song selection and music control, just like the ISEE Karaoke App available for tablets. Users needn’t buy an extra touch screen monitor for the karaoke box.


Supports Simultaneous Song Selection on Unlimited Device

ISEE Karaoke can pair up with an Unlimited Quantity of Mobile Phone/Android Tablet/iPad devices via the Same Internet Network. Various song selection modes are available for you to select your jams in your own way while singing. No more battles needed just for selecting a karaoke song.

Download Songs for Offline Karaoke

All songs on ISEE Karaoke are cloud-based and available for download almost instantaneously. Download all the biggest hits and your favourite jams on our cloud platform and sync them to your ISEE Karaoke box. Let’s Kara(oke) - on the party even without the internet!


Customised Operation & User-Friendly Interface of Song Selection

ISEE Karaoke possesses a customised function of favourite song collections. Users can “favourite” their favourite songs on ISEE Karaoke and add them to their own music library. Users can simply select songs from their library every time they sing karaoke, and this has simplified all the troublesome steps for song selection.

ISEE Karaoke offers everyone from different age groups a user-friendly Interface for song selection and operation. You can easily select your karaoke songs according to different singers, genres, trendings and new release songs on your smart devices.

In addition, ISEE Karaoke enables users with different vocal ranges to modify the best song key for themselves to sing. There are 7 keys in total for users to choose from, along with echo effects, mic and song volume; users can easily adjust and conduct the best stage for their singing performances.

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