The Ultimate Solution to Karaoke Fails

The Ultimate Solution to Karaoke Fails
| Yeah, Nah! Karaoke is not dead, and it's still alive!

When I think of karaoke, I think of happiness.

Talking about karaoke, what is the first thing that comes up in your mind? Well, for me, I think of happiness, and I really mean it. What can be more blissful than enjoying music and having fun together with your family and best friends? Karaoke can easily contribute to some of the greatest moments in life. Whether you’re showing off your vocals or battling to be the next singer, everyone is sharing the same joyful mood. Like an ice-breaker, Karaoke would make everybody put down their serious mask and laugh together after a while of warm-ups, and nobody within the walls would feel like a stranger anymore. The truth is singing together has a magical way of making people feel connected, which also explains why the karaoke industry has been so successful over the past 30 years.

Nevertheless, I’m aware that some of you might not share the same view and instead negatively associate with karaoke. Why is this?


The following are some of the theories analysed by our team:

1. Outdated Karaoke Box & Boring Lyrics Video

Karaoke lyrics videos have been looking outdated for a couple of decades now. They have been painfully hurting our vision and karaoke experience with those blurry lyrics. Meanwhile, the cumbersome song downloading steps, Karaoke DVDs, and outdated karaoke box devices are unacceptable in 2021, that we have to cancel them all.


2. Poor Sound Systems & Sound Quality

Unstable sound systems can sometimes be really irritating, such as the fluctuated echos, sound interference or the rubbing distortion sounds produced by poor sound systems; these poor karaoke sets would abrasively damage the mic. Sometimes the audio from an old karaoke box would sound exactly like somebody’s ringtone from the ’90s. It’s just painful to listen to.


3. Inconvenient & Troublesome Steps just for Selecting 1 Song

Remember how we used to select songs in karaoke bars? First off, we have to be super agile and quickly scan through those beer-soaked pages of song choices. Then barely scribble down your song request on one tiny little piece of paper with a sticky pencil, and fight against the crowds to hand-deliver your request to earn you a chance of singing performance. It’s excruciating to think about the disturbing steps for one singing chance.

Picture of paper for Song Selection

This is how karaoke has looked like over the past 3 decades, so I can definitely relate to how you might be a little put off by all the troublesome song selecting procedures on repeat!


4. Limited Karaoke Venue Available

Over the past few decades, home karaoke is not a common thing. Karaoke would only be available and common in public areas or bars. Therefore the karaoke service time limit, price and travelling time would cut down people’s desire considering karaoke as their top entertainment choice. Some considerations and hesitations might be unavoidable if we want to sing karaoke


But here’s the Good News for you!!

ISEE Karaoke was established to blow the dust off all the karaoke failures and give them the long-deserved makeover.


ISEE Karaoke allows users to Sing Karaoke in 4K Ultra High Definition with UHD MVs & Quality Instrumental via your TV & Speaker. It shows unprecedented rich details and delivers the Best Viewing and Singing Experience in your home. The 300,000 cloud-song based library of ISEE Karaoke is frequently updated with new additions and playlists. They are all immediately available to you, so there’s always new hits for you to try out.


ISEE Karaoke can also pair up with an Unlimited Quantity of Mobile Phone / Android Tablet / iPad devices via the Same Internet Network. User can also send song requests from unlimited users’ smart devices to the queue. Users needn’t fight for song selection anymore! Download all your favourite & latest songs to the ISEE Karaoke Box via our cloud platform, and keep the party going even without the internet!


Karaoke never lost its popularity and charisma to the world, and now, more and more venues and karaoke lovers are finding their way back to karaoke, notably under the COVID 19 pandemic. Karaoke’s past splendour is gradually relieved with the new discovery of ISEE Karaoke, which fits perfectly for society today and ignites the city with happiness. I must say, karaoke is on a steady ride back on the scene again. It's more alive than ever and never looked any better!


Get your ISEE Karaoke now and enjoy the genuine happiness brought by karaoke!

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